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Friday, June 20th 2008, 4:55am Game Rules

Game rules

Each player agrees to the Terms and Conditions and the ingame rules of
Tanoth with his registration. Every violation of the rules can cause a
temporary ban or an exclusion from the game. Depending on the
ruleviolation, an exclusion from the game can be extended by a
gameadministrator to all offers connected to Tanoth. The team is
obligated to handle all cases of ruleviolation in all conscience

I. Account:

Every player is allowed to control one account per server. The account
will be assigned to the holder of the entered email address.

II. Account sharing:

Each account is entitled to be played by a single player at a time, account sitting being the only exception.

III. Account sitting:

A responsible Operator of the respective server must be informed at
least one day before the sitting takes place. The sitting has to
conform to the following requirements:

1) An account may only be sat for a maximum period of 14 continuous
days. (GameOperators permission needs to be obtained in cases where a
time extension is needed)

2) Only one account per person and server can be sitted at the same time. Sitter and sitted account can play on the same server.

3) A sitter may not sit an account that was sat within the previous 7
days . Exceptions can be made by the judgement of the responsible Game

4) A sitter is not allowed to change/delete any player related data like profile for example.

5) Changes in a guild via a sitted account or a resignation from a guild is not permitted.

6) Using the merchant is permitted. In case of a mistaken investment or
loss of items during a sitting, the owner of the account has no claim
for refund.

IV. Multiusing:

According to the rules a player will be excluded from the game , if he
controls more then one single account per server. Multiaccounts will be
banned without warning. If two or more accounts are usually,
occasionally, or permanently being played from the same network,
(university networks, schools,...) a GameOperator must be notified,
without exception.

V. Bugusing

Exploitation and utilisation of bugs and/or programming errors is
prohibited. If a user detects a bug, he is obliged to inform the
responsible Gameoperator immediately. The exploitation of a bug may
cause an immediate ban by the Gameteam. Bugusing in terms of error
replication may just happen with admission of an Operator.

VI. Scripting

Using a program as interface between the player and his game is
prohibited. Any other form of automatically generated information
generated for a group of players advantage with malicious intentions is
forbidden as well. Tools can be tolerated by the administration.

VII. Reallife threatment

To express the intention cause a person (user, team
member or representatives of the Gameforge) harm/suffering
in their real lives is strictly forbidden within the game, the board
and all official IRC channels.

VIII. Content

Content in profiles, names, news, guild names, guild profiles or
messages, which violates the human dignity of a person, or violates a
law, and the call to violate human dignity or laws, can be censored
respectively users will be locked or deleted.

It is not allowed to use names of team members, to simulate being part
of the team, or to threat an other user with sanctions of the team.

IX. Language:

English is the official language on all servers of . Using
other languages in profiles or other parts of the game, will be
censored and may cause a permanent ban or a deletion.

X. Forwarding of confidential messages:

To forward personal messages (IRC/PM/..) and mails to a third person
without the agreement of the author is not permitted. To forward
messages to a member of the gameteam is excluded. A violation of this
rule can lead to a ban from the game or board.

XI. Abuse of the rules and their additions:

Any form, way and any attempt to get personal profit unfairly by
abusing ingame rules or the decisions of a team member is forbidden.

XII. Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions will be supplemented by these rules and must be observed.

XIII. Final Clause:

Remaining parts of the document will be unaffected in their content and
validity, if sections or individual formulations of this text are not
correct, invalid or incomplete.

Especially pay attention to:

- Screenshots won't be accepted as an evidence to proof or disproof a rule violation.

- The responsible Gameoperator of the respective server should be
messaged via e-mail or a secured ticket-system only, with the entered
email address, to make sure that the data of the account owner will be
handled confidential.

- Sanctions of an Operator towards a user, won't be lifted by an other Operator without consulting the responsible GO.

- Avoiding a decision of a GameOperator by contacting an other part of
the team, may lead to a ban. Complaints are excluded.


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